2016 Event

Session 1: The ORATION on Politics and Sport: (Martin Flanagan)

Session 2: GRANTLAND "The Ringer & working for BILL SIMMONS": (Bryan Curtis in conversation with Francis Leach)

Session 3: AUSTRALIAN SPORTS WRITERS AS CELEBRITIES: How Journalists became the news: (Russell Jackson with Richard Hinds, Gideon Haigh, Merryn Sherwood & Rohan Connolly)

Session 4: THE RISE OF WOMEN’S SPORT  "Opportunity or Opportunism?": (Angela Pippos, Danielle Warby, Karen Lyon & Chloe Saltau moderated by Lynne Haultain)

Session 5: STUDENT EDITION: How to write your long form Sports story (with Bryan Curtis, Russell Jackson with Francis Leach

Session 6: LANCE AND ME: David Walsh in conversation with Francis Leach.

Session 7: Legacy. Tim Cahill in conversation with Francis Leach.